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Inflator Pumps

Compact and Portable With exquisite, compact, and space-saving design, slide it easily in your backpack for emergency use. 4 Tires in 25 Minutes Inflate in row three 175 ”tires at 2.5 bar in 20 minutes. 15s Fast Inflation 18,000rpm high-speed motor for 30L / min fast inflation One Key Preset and A..
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Check tire pressure while inflating to prevent excessive tire pressure Tire pressure can be set according to requirements, and inflation can be automatically stopped when tire pressure reaches preset levels Comes with 7500mAh battery, no need to connect another charging cable when charging With L..
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Baseus Car Inflator Pump Wireless SUPER MINI PRO Baseus Car Inflator Pump Wireless SUPER MINI PRO
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Battery capacity: 4000mAh/14.8Wh Type-C input: 5V=2A Filling time: 6-8 minutes (R175 tire) More adaptations: cars/motorcycles/bicycles/basketball, etc Operating environment temperature: 0 -35 degree Celsius in non tropical areas 17-cylinder alloy air pump LCD digital displayfor tire pressure ..
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