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INSIGHTFUL MEASUREMENTS: Get 15 detailed readings of your body including body weight, body Fat, BMI, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass and more. The ultra-sensitive surface of Smart Scale can detect subtle changes in your body weight accurately to 50g (0.1 lbs). 3D VIRTUAL MODEL: Watch your body's progress th..
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The pillow is filled with a slow-rebound foam (rebound takes 1-3 seconds) which has been designed for NASA. The foam remembers position of your body and adjusts to user’s figure. Outer layer breathes and removes moisture outside...
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The pillow is suitable for use when sitting and lying. The pillow has an ergonomic structure, supporting back and neck at each section. Materials used to produce the pillow breathe and adapt to body. The pillow has been filled with foam designed for NASA astronauts...
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A precise and elegant trimmer with the function of vacuum hair suction. The blade can be covered with one of 2 spacers. A cleaning brush is also included. It only needs to be charged via a USB cable so you can use it anywhere, anytime. The device also has an LCD displayVacuums cut hair LCD disp..
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World Health Organisation Hypretension Indicator Irregular Heartbeat Detection - Arrhythmia Detection  SimpleOne Button Measurement  Measures Systolic - Diastolic pressure - Pulse rate Easy to read Display 40.5 x 60 mm Date & Time Stamp Easy to Adjust Cuff 22 - 42 cm..
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Quick, Compact & Portable Single user, 60 memories Last 3 Results Average Function World Health Organisation Hypertension Indicator Irregular Heartbeat Detection - Arrhythmia Detection Simple One Button Measurement Measures Systolic & Diastolic Pressure, and Pulse Rate Easy to Read Display 32..
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Comforting wrap design to encase shoulders in soothing warmth Vibration massage to rejuvenate tense, tired muscles Warming heat function can be used with or without vibration Adjustable intensity with simple integrated control 6 programs with varying intensity and pulsations..
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Firm back support Improves posture while wearing it Automatically adjustable pulley Fly-knit, lightweight fabric Separate extendable belt included..
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REJUVENATES OVERWORKED FEET: Treat your feet after a long day of work with this Bubble Mate Foot Spa. The massage water jets and raised nodes work to revive your feet by gently massaging and soothing your tired, overworked feet. REMOVABLE PUMICE STONE: Pamper your feet and shape them to perfection ..
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The Homedics Deluxe FS-150 is rightfully called 'deluxe'. It provides a hydro-massage, and in addition also a vibration massage and magnetic therapy. On top of this, it is equipped with useful accessories. Thanks to four special airstrips, the foot bubble massage is particularly refreshing. The bott..
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Thanks to the 4-in-1 function, you have the choice: Do you want to pamper your feet with a refreshing foot spa or would you prefer a vibrating massage after a long, tiring day on your feet? Would you like to try a magnetic field therapy on the feet? With the Homedics Deluxe foot spa FS-250-EU, you h..
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Gel massage nodes allows for a Natural Touch Massage Dual Direction Nodes for ultimate relief Ergo Comfortable – perfect size and shape Multiple use for legs, lumbar, shoulders and neck Travel size with travel bag to take away with you Rechargeable battery use it wherever, whenever you want He..
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