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Fully Customizable Gaming Mouse With Ambidextrous ErgonomicsEvolutionary DYNASTRUT DesignThe brand-new DUALBLADER iconic gaming mouse features a fully customizable ergonomic and adjustable arched palm rest. It’s worth mentioning that DUALBLADER is equipped the new evolutionary concept: DYNASTRUT des..
Ex Tax:€79.83
Symmetrical RGB Gaming MouseMinos EX is a nimble and powerful right-handed symmetrical gaming mouse with the RGB lighting shortcut function. It’s ideal for those who love RGB vibe & agile gaming experience.SpecificationsSensor : PAW3309 Optical gaming sensorResolution : 6400 DPIMaximum tracking spee..
Ex Tax:€21.01
Lightweight design meets design and structural integrity: Don't let the 65 gram weight fool you, this mouse has a lot packed under the hood and it is all encased in a sleek yet structurally impressive form factor.Clicky Huano 50M Micro Switches: These switches are highly responsive with a dense yet ..
Ex Tax:€50.42
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