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The KNX-GW-IP-2TE is used for coupling the ETS ( PC software tool ) via Ethernet to the KNX bus for addressing and programming KNX components.Using the KNX-group monitor allows for the monitoring and transfer of telegrams via the KNX-bus in real time. The site of the KNX-group monitor is subdivide..
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Class-D amplifier providing 100 watts/channel (RMS) into 8 ohm loads or 125 watts/channel into 4-ohm loads Bridgeable output provides 225 watts into a single 8-ohm load 4-pole detachable speaker screw connector (Phoenix connector) with support for up to 12 AWG speaker wire 12-volt trigger input f..
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GeneralConfigurable Streams. From 2 to 6 HD Audio streams (5 analog, 1 digital) Compatible with CasaTunes matrix amplifiers, including the CT-5X5MA, CT-6X6MA and CT-12X8MA Compatible with popular 3rd party matrix amplifiers, including systems from Acurus, Anthem, AudioControl, Audio Authority,..
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Amplifier outputs4 x 30W stereo outputs at @ 8 Ohms 2 stereo preamplifier coax outputs for powered subwoofer, AV Receiver, and secondary power amplifiers Expandable to 96 rooms Configure room for stereo or mono 18dB input gain adjustment EQ settings per room, include: Loudness, Balance, Bas..
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