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IP Doorphones

Used to expand access control functions by working with access control terminal and door station Supports RS-485 communication Connects to electronic or magnetic locks to bolster security Offers 3 indicators to indicate when the device is on or off, functioning, and the status of the door..
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Product Dimension: 373mm×143mm×67.5mm  Operatimng Temperature: -30°C to +70°C (-20°F to +158°F) Operating Humidity: 10%RH–90%RH Operating Altitude: 86kPa–106kPa Gross Weight: 1.1kg Installation Method: Flush Mount Operating Environment: Outdoor..
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Dimensions :  133mm×233.20mm×68.0mm Installation mode : Supports surface mounting and flush mounting Panel Material : Aluminum..
Ex Tax:€69.75
Material: ADC12 Dimensions(Front) : 128.9mm×162.9mm×34.5mm (5.08"×6.42"×1.36") Dimensions(rear) : 123.0mm×157.0mm×35.0mm (4.84"×6.18"×1.38") Wall Opening Dimensions: >113.0mm×149.0mm×35.0mm (4.45"×5.87"×1.38") ,<123.0mm×157.0mm×35.0mm (4.84"×6.18"×1.38")..
Ex Tax:€30.25
Material: ADC12 Dimensions(Front) : 138.0mm×240.0mm×35.0mm(5.43"×9.45"×1.38") Dimensions(rear) : 120.8mm×222.7mm×33.0mm (4.76"×8.77"×1.30") Wall Opening Dimensions: 120.8mm×222.7mm×33.0mm(4.76"×8.77"×1.30")..
Ex Tax:€31.09
Material: Plastic Size: 126mm*389mm*71mm Weight: 0.5 Kg Flush mounted box..
Ex Tax:€26.89
Color : Silver Dimensions :140mm×240.20mm×7.0mm  Material : Aluminum..
Ex Tax:€63.03
Android 8.1 More User-Friendly UI Ethernet and Wi-Fi 7" TFT Capacitive touch Screen,1024×600 Quick configuration for villa system..
Ex Tax:€232.77
Small size apartment door station Supplemental lighting with white light 2MP CMOS camera Mechanical button with Braille Aluminium alloy plate, IK08, IP65 (Apply silica gel to gaps between the device and the wall. Liquid sodium silicate is recommended.)  Door release via password and Mifare card..
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4.3 inch IPS display; screen resolution 800×480 2MP CMOS; true WDR Touch button; IP65 Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C Auto light illumination reduces light pollution Multiple unlock modes: Password unlock, IC card unlock, and remote unlock Support 20,000 users and 10,000 cards Support f..
Ex Tax:€376.47
4.3-inch LCD display with easy-to-press metal buttons; screen resolution 800 × 480 2MP CMOS; true WDR 316 stainless steel panel; IP65, IK08 Operating temperature: –30 °C to +60 °C Auto light illumination reduces light pollution Multiple verification methods: Password, IC card, QR code, and remo..
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Aluminum alloy casing -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) operating temperature IP65 and IK08 IR illumination and night vision Card unlock, app unlock, and indoor monitor unlock Two-way audio and voice call through app Card capacity: 10,000 Tamper alarm Standard PoE Control two locks..
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