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Dry Contacts

24 Zone Dry Contact Module, includes 24 Dry Contact input channels, serves as a bridge between mechanical or electronic control outputs and the KNX bus system. The unit enables the control of diverse targets, like dimmers, curtains, shutters, bells, etc. ..
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KNX 4-Zone Dry Contact Module belongs to HDL KNX/EIB series, with four signal input channels and four signal output channels. The signal input channels can receive the signal from the temperature sensor and the dry contact type trigger signal, while output channels can output 0-10V dimming signal, o..
Ex Tax:€67.23
KNX 8-Zone Dry Contact Module belongs to HDL KNX/EIB series. It has 8-channel dry contact input and supports 2 control modes, including dry contact input control and logic control...
Ex Tax:€100.84
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