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Mini High Sensitivity Hidden Audio Pickup for CCTV System Audio Montor Range:30m2with better quality Sensitivity adjustable DSP built-in noise reduction circuit AGC circuit built-in gain Tone processing circuit..
Ex Tax:€6.72
Built with a die cast aluminum cover, it is highly durable and has a long lifespan One-piece lens that provides balanced lighting and is elegantly designed Explosion-proof 12 VDC power supply IP66 rated Multiple installation methods including pole mount, plane mount and wall mount..
Ex Tax:€93.28
Omni-directional condenser microphone, high fidelity 30KV Air contact ESD, built-in Lightning Protection, power supply polarity reversal protection and electrostatic protection Pinhole design, hidden installation; match with cameras or storage devices which have audio function..
Ex Tax:€21.01
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