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HDL KNX IP Rounter,  It can be used as line‐ or backbone coupler and provides a data connection between the upper KNX net/IP line (main line or backbone) and the lower TP KNX bus line (sub line). It also provides with the tunnelling protocol a connection point for ETS to enable commissioning and mon..
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HDL KNX Line Coupler, DIN-Rail Mount, to be used as coupler and Repeater(to amplify the signal), if as a line coupler, it can be linked with other line or backbone line, a separate power supply include a choke is required for each new line and each line will be electrically isolated, the line couple..
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KNXRS232/RS485 Converter is used for bidirectional data exchange between KNX and RS232, KNX and RS485...
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HDL KNX USB Interface, DIN-Rail Mount,  with USB Conector galvanically isolated from KNX Bus that establish a bidirectional data connection between PC and KNX BUS, Enable addressing, setting parameters, visualzation, protocolin and diagnoisis of the bus devices...
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KNX-RS485 Interface Mini, installed in junction box or on DIN rail with accessory, supports protocols conversion between RS485 to KNX, three working modes: string mode, hexadecimal mode and data mode...
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KNX Gateway is a protocol conversion gateway based on KNX Bus communication, and enables data exchange with devices of different protocols.Its main functions include:Device list: control feedback, update status Supports scene function: add scenes, *area capture scenes, *movie (dynamic) scenes..
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With 4 independent channels and real-time clock, KNX Master/Slave Timer Controller is capable of running standard time as the master clock or slave clock. The master clock sends the clock information cyclically to KNX/EIB bus to control the schedule, while the slave clock achieves synchronization af..
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KNX IP router 4 IP/TP tunnelings No additional external power supply required Universal Plug and Play Telegram filtering Built-in web front-end page Dimension(WxHxD):36x90x71mm 3 years warranty..
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