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8 inch multifunctional wire stripper suitable for 24-10AWG/ 0.5-6mm2 cable..
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EK MCP511 Tool for Compression Connectors
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Compression tool for CCP 6 and CCP 11 compression connectors..
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Knipex PreciStrip16 Automatic Insulation Stripper 6-28 AWG Knipex PreciStrip16 Automatic Insulation Stripper 6-28 AWG
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Simple, precise stripping of fine wires and solid round cables with a wide capacity range from 0.08 to 16 mm² with only one pair of pliers Good grip provided by semi-circular grooved metal holding clamps; exact cut thanks to parabolic stripping blade A patented automatism regulates the depth of th..
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Precisely ground blades with fine serration for a clean, non-slip cut Cutting edge with integrated cable cutter With plastic belt pouch Handles with multi-component grips, fibreglass-reinforced Universal shears for electricians Cutting edges made from stainless steel, hardness of cutting edges ..
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Length: 180cm Weight: 150g  Impact setting:  Lo 10kgs+/-2kgs / 22.0 lbs+/-4.40 lbs,  HI 15kgs+/-2kgs / 33.0 lbs+/-4.40 lbs  For use on 110/88 type termination blocks Body: ABS Hook  Extractor: Made of tool steel Blade: 4140(Off–Wax), Powder metal- Black oxide..
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Cutting and Crimping 8P8C Kuwes EasyPlugs 8P8C, 6P4C Plugs..
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Crimping Tool for both EZ Plug and normal plugs Compatible with CAT5, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 shielded and unshielded plugs..
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This professional crimping & testing tool is designed for RJ45 and RJ11 plugs has a twisted-pair tester built into the cradle's handles to disconnect one part of the tester from the crimper.Prowered by 4xLR44 batteries - not included..
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Lanberg’s crimping tool NT-0204 for pass-through 8P8C is an essential product intended for any installer, who has, on a daily basis, contact with the ICT and telecommunications network wiring.This device (with its double arms) can be used for crimping all kinds of cable connectors such as RJ-11, R..
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Lanberg’s insertion tool (also known as punch tool) for Krone IDC 110 connectors and LSA connections is used for crimping/terminating network cables in accordance with LSA technology, used in practice, to perform the cable terminations for the purposes of flush and surface mount data boxes, ICT surf..
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