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Vacuum, Mop and Steam All-in-One: Combines vacuum, mop and steam for the total floor cleaning solution to fulfill all your cleaning needs. Make Wet or Dry Messes, and Stubborn Stains Vanish: Clean wet or dry messes, and even built-up grime on floors effortlessly with constant heated steam. Industr..
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Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time: Combines vacuum and mop for the total floor cleaning solution to fulfill all your cleaning needs. Wet&Dry Messes All Gone in One Go: With cordless vacuum and mop combined to effectively clean wet and dry messes in one go. Eco-Clean Ozone™: Aqueous ozone is produced..
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45 Days Hands-Free Cleaning: X8 Pro's dust bin is automatically emptied into the station's 2.5 L dust bag. Dust and debris is securely sealed inside and only needs replacing every 45 days. Hair-Free Carpets: X8 Pro's powerful 2× 4,000 Pa Twin-Turbine suction easily removes pet hair from deep within..
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Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Infinity Handheld Vacuum Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Infinity Handheld Vacuum
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Unmatched Suction Power Incredible 80 AW / 16kPa suction power delivers extra strength to effectively clean up. Switch between Eco or Max mode depending on your messes. TriPower System™ With TriPower System™, the battery's energy transfers 40%* more efficiently into the motor's energy. Mini-motori..
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Anker Eufy HomeVac S11 Reach HandHeld Vacuum Anker Eufy HomeVac S11 Reach HandHeld Vacuum
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Effortless Handling: The cordless, lightweight design allows you to maneuver into corners and around furniture with ease. Cleans Deeper: Utilize all of the 120AW suction power in max-mode for 8 minutes of fierce and focused cleaning when tackling the deepest dust and debris. Versatile Modes: Clean..
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Smart Dynamic Navigation: Advanced gyro-navigation technology allows for up to 2x the efficiency while cleaning. Complete a routine clean in half the time, when compared to a standard robotic vacuum. Hybrid 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop: Combine sweeping and mopping for a deeper clean that will leave your fl..
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iPath Laser Navigation: Using advanced LiDAR technology to scan your home, RoboVac can build a real-time map to navigate its way through your space precisely. It also uses a Z-shaped path for a more efficient clean. Ultra-Strong 3,000 Pa Suction: 4 levels of suction with up to 3,000 Pa of power ens..
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Anker Eufy RoboVac LR30+ Hybrid Sweep&Mop Laser With Self Emptying Station Anker Eufy RoboVac LR30+ Hybrid Sweep&Mop Laser With Self Emptying Station
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Up to 60 Days* of Hands-Free Cleaning: The auto-empty station uses 25,000 Pa of suction to remove dust from RoboVac easily. It is collected in a dust bag, which can be used for up to 60 days* before needing to be replaced. (Includes 1 spare dust bag.) *According to eufy laboratory data. Duration wil..
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Twin Turbine Technology:  Each turbine offers 2000 Pa of suction power, increasing overall airflow by 80% so your house can go back to looking its best. Clean up to 57.6%* more pet hair with the immense power of the Twin Turbines.*When compared to a single-turbine robotic vacuum. 2-in-1 Vacuum and ..
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Maximum cleaning efficiency. Cordless and very compact, easy to store. Fast charging ~3 hours. Double tip - a brush for sweeping dirt, dust, hair and a tube for collecting crumbs, debris and sand. One-button start. Superior filtration system - High density HEPA filter that removes up to 99.95% ..
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International Design Award The "Baseus H5 Cordless Cleaner" has been praised for its sophisticated design and has received many international design awards such as the Good Design Award  (Japan), the iF Design Award (Germany), and the Golden Pin Design Award  (Taiwan). Smart Charging Stand for Char..
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NO HAIR ENTANGLEMENT: Equipped with an electric silicone roller brush to pick up pet hairs and pet messes from your upholstery and carpets more easily without entanglement, Baseus AP02 handheld vacuum is designed for homes with pets VERSATILE CLEANING: With 3 attachments included inside the package..
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