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360-Degree Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Car Dashboard blackCompact magnetic car holder for any flat surface Compact size – Mount is not blocking your field of view. Durable and reliable – Made of high-quality aluminum material with rubber anti-skid panel. Powerful magnetic grip – 6 stur..
Ex Tax:€4.10
MagHolder™ Pure magnetism for iPhones Stabilization and security 16 strong magnets will hold your iPhone in any situation Convenient setting The rotating head guarantees comfort of use Installation without damage The silicone mount will not damage the air vent Stabilization and security MagHolder™ i..
Ex Tax:€23.53
Acefast Car Phone Holder on Air Ventilation Grille - Black (D9) Convenient to use , easy to install, suitable for many phone models . The Acefast D9 automatic car holder can be mounted in the ventilation grille - a solution that fits many cars. Just connect the holder to the car charger and it will ..
Ex Tax:€21.01
Car headrest holder for Acefast phone and tablet (135-230 mm wide) - black (D8) If you want to make the journey of the passengers of your car more pleasant, choose the Acefast car phone or tablet holder. This is a great solution with a very simple method of assembly . This option will be appreciated..
Ex Tax:€15.97
Acefast Car Phone Holder for Cockpit and Ventilation Grille - Black (D5) It will stabilize your phone while driving on any terrain . The Acefast D5 has automatic gripping jaws and two bases: for cockpit or ventilation grille mounting . So you can attach it the way you want - without worrying about b..
Ex Tax:€14.29
Folding Holder, Acefast Phone Stand - Gray (E13) It's a handle ready for any task . You can adjust it the way you want: you will change the angle of the arm along with the height . Also has special cutout for the cable , so you can conveniently charge your phone. Do you want to take it on a trip? No..
Ex Tax:€26.05
Acefast magnetic car phone holder for air vent – ​​gray (D16) Choose a magnetic smartphone holder – take care of your safety! You can install Acefast D16 in the air vent or cockpit , it will not interfere with driving. The solid construction with six neodymium magnets allows for a stable positioning..
Ex Tax:€7.77
Acefast Magnetic Car Phone Holder for Cockpit and Acefast Ventilation Grille - Black (D7) Choose a magnetic smartphone holder - take care of your safety! Acefast D7 can be mounted in the ventilator grille or cockpit , it will not interfere with driving. A solid structure with eight neodymium magnets..
Ex Tax:€15.13
Acefast Magnetic Car Phone Holder for Ventilation Grille - Black (D6) Are you looking for a car holder that will firmly and securely stick to the ventilation grille - even on a very bumpy road? Choose Acefast D6. It has a well-thought-out structure equipped with elongated hooks and as many as six ne..
Ex Tax:€9.49
Qi Acefast wireless car charger with MagSafe up to 15W - magnetic phone holder on the ventilation grille - black (D3) Compact , compatible with iPhone 12 and above (supports MagSafe), stable - the Acefast D3 wireless car charger is a product for lovers of minimalist design . Built-in magnets hold th..
Ex Tax:€24.37
Acefast stand stand gravitational phone holder black (E10) A handle that you can adjust to your needs at home or at work. You can use it to hold larger or smaller equipment. Thanks to special cutouts for the cable, you can easily power your smartphone, e.g. during a video conference. You can easily ..
Ex Tax:€15.13
Acefast stand stand magnetic phone holder black (E11) You can adjust the magnetic holder to hold larger or smaller equipment. Thanks to the holder consisting of 6 N52 magnets, you can be sure that the phone will not slip off the holder. You can easily take the accessory on a trip, because it folds t..
Ex Tax:€14.29
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