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3MK All-Safe Booster Tablet Package box with foil mounting kit Set contains: 1 x assembly gel with atomizer 1 x mounting doctor blade 1 x wet cloth 1 x dry cloth 1 x box 1 x information leaflet with assembly instructions..
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A stylish cord lanyard with an insert for the key phone, pattern 6 A practical, handmade lanyard that will be a great addition to your smartphone or keys! If you want to always have your phone with you, this little gadget is just right for you. It is made of a durable string that you attach to your ..
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3mk CareSet screen cleaning kit The CareSet consists of a 3mk screen cleaning gel (50 ml) and a large microfiber cloth with exceptionally high absorption capacity. Thanks to the packaging equipped with a string closure, the set will be perfect in all conditions - both in everyday use and during trav..
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AirPods cleaning kit - white The AirPods cleaning kit is the perfect accessory for very demanding users. Thanks to the adjusted dimensions, cleaning the case and headphones will become much easier. The practical design of the brush means that it is able to reach every nook and cranny where dust and ..
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Anti-theft Car Key Pouch Radio Blocking Pouch Keyless Faraday Box Faraday Cage 14cm with 10cm Black Take care of the safe storage of electronic equipment and car keys. Choose an anti-theft case that also provides protection against radiation, information leakage and signal interception. The minimali..
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Anti-theft Case for Car Keys Phone Radio Blocking Faraday Box Faraday Cage 20cm x 11cm The case protects electronic devices against mechanical damage, but also has a number of other functions. First of all, it blocks the signal, making the phone out of range, has an anti-radiation function and preve..
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